About Us


We are SEW happy and honored you are here visiting us! 

What the heck is SEW KNOT SERIOUS you maybe asking? Well, I'm sew glad you asked!

SEW KNOT SERIOUS is really an attitude.... an attitude of having EXCITMENT in your wardrobe or your home decor, mixing patterns, trying new styles, being comfortable and LIVING OUT LOUD with COLOR!

We are a family run biz celebrating HANDMADE, REMADE and UPCYCLED  fashion, accessories and home décor. 

THE CREW:  My Mama, Brenda she is the cutie blonde girl!  Steve, my husband, aka Mr. Everything and me, April, the girl with the purple hair and the Boss Lady LOL!  

 We create our products with LOVE and PASSION with the expectation that it will bring HAPPINESS! We LOVE what we do and are THANKFUL for every purchase made and our followers!  

Thank you & God Bless You!

~ April