Sew Knot Serious

One-of-a-kind creations!

For you and your home


a brand new location in
Downtown Cartersville

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We are an eclectic and crafty
interior design and apparel boutique

our goal is to inspire people to create a home that they love
and a wardrobe that’s as unique as they are.

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Meet the Dreamers & Believers

It’s a family affair.

cropped April Johnson - Home

April Johnson

The Boss Lady

Hmmm… About me… Oh boy!

Where to begin? I just like creating stuff! Simple as that! Sew Knot Serious is the runway to “SHOW OFF” what’s in my heart and head. And, I get to do it with my family! That’s a DREAM COME TRUE right there! I’m going for it! I have nothing to loose! I hope Sew Knot Serious inspires others to do the same! YOU can do it!
cropped Steve Johnson - Home

Steve Johnson

aka “Mr Everything”

My Husband

Omg…. Steve is my biggest fan who encourages the DREAM! He fixes everything, paints, cooks, and Vacuums! Steve is our official shopper. He loves the grocery store and we are SEW happy about that LOL! This is why we call him Mr. Everything! Thank You Honey for all you do….. You da MAN! I LOVE YOU
cropped Brenda Benton - Home

Brenda Benton

aka “my MAMA”

She is our ROCK and yes she does ROCK!

When it comes to sewing she gets it done. BUT, she don’t be doin NO furniture LOL!     And I quote, “The heaviest thing I’m gonna lift is a piece of fabric” Lace, velvet, linen, silk, cotton and glitter is her HAPPINESS!
cropped Alex - Home


aka “Wild Thang”

My Daughter

I love this girl! She jams at ALL this! She could run this SHOW! Alex is the reason all this started! WOW, yep…. She is!! That just hit me LOL

Funky Furniture

We have painted tables and chairs, painted bookcases, antique curio cabinets, upholstered patchwork chairs, patchwork upholstered sofas and sew much more…

painted dresser - Home
 learn more View some of our furniture creations

Home Decor & Housewares

like awesome mirrors, painted frames and painted brass “what nots”.

Fluffy lamp shades, painted light fixtures and my husband Steve  makes incredible and unusual architectural wall art.

Happy Home Decor - Home
See examples of our Happy Home Decor and Housewares

Fun Fashion

it’s important to look amazing in your happy home, we make and re-make clothing and apparel accessories. Life is too short to wear boring clothes
Sometimes,  our custom designed clothes make ladies dance when they try them on.

fashion - Home
Check out some of our Fun Fashion ideas

Fashion Accessories

The special apparel accessories that make an outfit even more “you-nique”. Scarves, jewelry, hats and more.

repurposed jewelry - Home
See more of our Fun Accessories


The unconventional, fun and that which makes made no sense and perfect sense. Here you will find handmade gift items, fun things for children and anything else that strikes our fancy.

Hoot Cute - Home
See what else we get up to in our Odds-N-Ends

We’ll Paint Anything…

because everything looks better with paint!

Nothing is sacred - Home
everything looks better with paint - Home
Ellie looks a bit worried

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Enjoy what you see? Please spread the word :)